What is the estimated time needed for BrainPath Consults to design and develop a website?

Sadly, the reply to this query isn’t that simple.

There are hundreds of websites, ranging from landing web pages, and e-commerce to large web portals and marketplaces. They differ within the scope of work, difficulty, and skills needed to construct them.

To be sincere, the website development timeline consists of a number of phases. You'll hear many say that a web development process can be executed in a week and even much less, however, the reality is, that timing is determined by many factors. The period of time every stage of improvement takes corresponds to its set of objectives and complexity. It takes about 1- 4 weeks to construct a website. It'll likely take at least 14 weeks to launch a complex-level of website.

Custom design work can take anywhere from 3 – 12 weeks. A variety of components such as complexity, discovery and planning, structure, wireframing, content creation, UI/UX design, API integrations, web development/coding, beta testing/modification, and configuration of advanced features, the programming section which requires an extra 1 – 5 weeks depending on the number of pages and complexity involved can typically make the time period longer.

It's possible you'll want to ask if BrainPath Consults team has constructed a website in a couple of hours. Yes, landing pages. In a day? Yes, a one-page website. In four days? Yes, 5 pages website. In a week? Yes, 10 pages website. In 12 months? Yes, 100’s of pages laden with custom functionality.

Conclusively, creating a bespoke website that appears good and meets global standards lasts from a couple of days to 1 - 12 months. It largely depends upon your budget, desired features, and what you wish to get in the long run. So, it’s advisable you first do thorough homework, put together a list of demands and web pages you want, and then contact the BrainPath Consults workforce for a more detailed timeline.

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