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We provide delivered Cyber Security intelligence to protect you and your business online!

BrainPath Consults, one of the leading companies offering best Website Design and Cyber Security Services in Lagos, including Static & responsive Website Design and Development. Dynamic Website Design and Development. School, College and University Website Design and Development. Company, NGO, Society, Organization Website Design and Development. Custom E-commerce Shopping Website Design and Development. Classified Website Design and Development. Matrimonial Website Design and Development. Tour and Travel Website Design and Development, Social Networking Website Design and Development, any B2B, B2C Portal With Custom Design; is here to offer you the best solution.

With over 12+ years of experience in the industry and appropriate knowledge on the most complex aspects of web applications, is committed to design and develop a professional looking and technically sound website for your end users. The experienced team of BrainPath Consults web designers can design simple, unique and easily navigable websites that take lesser time to load while giving a clear idea to the visitors about the central theme of the page. We use the latest versions of software and integrate graphics into our web designing services.

Business Websites need redesign or make over for a large amount of reasons be it rebranding, website looks outdated, needs a content management systems, Website has not grown with business, change in technology, Search Engine optimization, the list goes on and on. As a top website redesign company, we believe there are 2 core reasons why a website needs redesign and all other reasons should follow these two;

Reason 1: Website is not generating enough leads or sales.
Reason : To Improve how potential customers judge your company.

Not including these above mentioned 2 goals in your website redesign plan can have a major impact on ROI and business growth. Website Redesign process can be a Huge Success with the right strategy, plan and the right website redesign partner. At BrainPath Consults, our website designers work directly with businesses to build a strategy and plan leading to a beautiful and professional website that enhances your brand.

Our professional Cyber Security services and solutions will help you to drastically lower the risk of breaches, data loss, and ransomware attacks. Cyber crime can destroy your business. Any company without top-tier cyber security is putting itself at risk of an attack. Consider the following statistics:

A hacker attack occurs every 39 seconds

There are 4,000 ransomware attacks every single day

Online attacks are on the rise, and up to 500 million computers are affected without their users’ knowledge

75% of Apple’s most popular free apps and 80% of Android’s most popular free apps have been hacked at least once.

Cybersecurity damages are expected to hit $6 trillion by 2021.

We are a top-tier Lagos-based Cyber Security Company to help you protect your valuable business data by using a wide range of tools and strategies to drastically minimize the odds of a successful attack. We’ll create comprehensive disaster recovery plans to help you get back on your feet quickly and easily in the wake of a cyber attack.

SSL Certificates encrypt data to and from your website. Having an SSL certificate applied to your website will show the lock icon along with the https prefix in the address bar. This gives potential clients confidence that your website is a safe place to visit, as well as giving your website a boost in SEO ranking points. Chrome has started marking websites without an SSL Certificate as “unsafe.”

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a method of encrypting data as it travels across the Internet to help prevent an unauthorized entity (hackers, criminals) from being able to read the data traffic on your website. If your website collects any sensitive information, such as payments, personal data, or even login info for blogs, you absolutely should use SSL to add an additional layer of security to protect that information. However, we recommend that all businesses get SSL Certificates for their websites primarily to avoid the losing their sites or data to hackers.

Security and trust are essential when you’re operating an online business or protecting data. You’ve seen it in the news. Every day websites are being exploited. Our SSL Certificates offer the most secure website protection solution to protect against attackers. Our SSL Certificates are issued after an extensive verification process using up to 256 bit encryption to ensure transactions are secure. Your visitors need to know they can trust you and that their data will be safe. We have partnered leading SSL providers that secures millions of prominent websites worldwide, and together we offer you a range of publically trusted and cost-effective SSL Certificates.

Just like your house or business, your website needs to have maintenance done on a regular basis…. monthly updates to your website, content edits, image editing, navigation additions, recurring website updates, graphics for promotions. custom forms or pages, keep your website fresh, recommend new features, web page development, just to mention a few.

Regular web site maintenance is necessary for any website in order to stay current and secure, and with content additions you’ll be more noticed by search engines like Google. Since it’s important for visibility to stay up to date on your content and software, it’s not an easy task for the typical business owner unless they have web publishing, coding experience, and server administration experience.

Our maintenance service is a cost effective solution handled by the BrainPath Consults experienced Team that will give your website the attention it needs in order to gain the search engine placement and impressions you need to get noticed and keeps your website content fresh, while freeing you to focus on other aspects of your business. Keeping your website actively updated is the most important thing you can do for promoting your business and search engine ranking.

As your company grows, you’ll want your website to evolve. Sign up for a website maintenance plan with us and expand the business value of your online presence. Identify new opportunities to connect with customers, create new SEO content, and make your operations more efficient.

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BrainPath Consults knows that if you give us a chance to help your business, you will not regret it. We have proven for almost 12+ years that we are the best web design company in Lagos. Let us build a site for you that will BLOW YOU AWAY!


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Let's discuss your specific needs and develop a site that's not just attractive and well-functioning, but promotes your business even when you can't.

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Our content writers are proficient in all kinds of content writing services and will help you craft a quality content for your site

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As a full-service digital company, we develop effective online marketing strategies - SEO, PPC, Social Media..etc


We build a world-class bespoke E-commerce websites to help you grow and sell your products and services


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As a creative design agency, we owe you a duty to re-imagine your brand, the design and its story in order to create a meaningful bond with your target market.

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BrainPath Consults social media services help businesses to create, re-design and manage their social media handles and get them leads .

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We offers Pay Per Click services for customers who want to generate instant traffic and get more leads to and from their websites .We run PPC advertising based on budget.


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